Rex's Glitch Laboratory

This is a fanmade Pokemon worldbuilding fansite centering around glitch Pokemon, Pokegods, beta Pokemon, and other oddities of the Pokemon world and exploring what it would be like if they were real within the Pokemon Universe. This site was heavily inspired by old Pokemon websites and websites such as Glitch City Labortory and Cave of Dragonflies.

I'm a 21-year-old Missingno-kin who's been playing Pokemon since 2005 and has enjoyed playing through games with glitch Pokemon for most of that time. I'm no expert on glitch Pokemon and there are many with more technical knowledge than me, but this was inspired by my long time anthropomorphism of glitch Pokemon and later expanded beyond that to include my interest in Pokemon rumors and beta Pokemon.

Left links of the site are "in character", right links are "meta". Most of this site shouldn't be taken at face value for factual information since it's really more creative interpretation - but I plan to make more informational pages at some point.

The current goal is to have 5 pages done for each section - for now I'm considering the site to be in a beta stage. Once that's done, regular news and updates will start to be posted.

To do

(once the site gets the 5 starting pages for each section) "Imagine you go into a coffee shop and look over onto a person's laptop expecting them to be working on something important and you see them with a page pulled up for Pokemon Gameshark codes in comic sans that looks like it's straight out of 1999"